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Looking to remodel or renovate your kitchen or bathroom?
Look no further than NexLvl Services. We are your local shower and tub installation and repair team.

You will always receive an upfront estimate and a detailed discussion of what we plan to do with the project!

What do we offer?

Our kitchen and bathroom services are focused on creating beautifully modeled rooms that match what you envisioned… all for an affordable price!

  • Cracked or damaged sinks, tubs, toilets and showers
  • Looking to switch to a high efficiency model or related features
  • Worn or out-of-date kitchen and bath that’s detracting from the value of your home
  • Accomadation remodeling features to accommodate those with physical disabilities
  • And MORE!
  • Licensed Plumber – We house a licensed plumber, qualified to handle all plumbing services and repairs.
  • Do you need to add more features to accommodate those with physical disabilities?
  • Respectful Professionals – Our team of professionals value our customer’s time and property. That is why we’re always prompt and leave clean work areas.
  • Referral – Satisfied customers are the best form of advertisement. We go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations, so they tell their friends and family about us.

NexLvl Offers For Your Home Services!

$150 OFF Whole Home Water Treatment Products

10% OFF Water Heater Installation

FREE Camera Inspection

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