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Most modern homes are built on concrete slab foundations. Any damage to the slab undermines the structural integrity of the entire house.

A “slab leak” is what happens when your plumbing system leaks under the concrete slab foundation. Let us do a slab-leak detection today.

What do we offer?

Slab leaks happen when the plumbing lines beneath a home fail for any reason. They may go undetected for years, slowly dripping away, eroding the soil and weakening the slab and foundation.

Slab leaks may be caused by faulty installation, weakened water lines, or chemical reactions of metal plumbing lines to metals in the earth.


The sound of running water – If you hear water running under your floor when none of your taps or water-using appliances are on.


A hot floor – A floor or part of a floor that’s unusually warm suggests a leak in the hot water lines. Walking barefoot on the floor will make hotspots easier to detect.


Puddles – Puddles along the side of your house or indooors on the floor, emerging from underneath a cabinet, from between tiles or from the bottom of a wall.


Mold – Moisture encourages mold and mildew growth. If you find mold under your carpets, it’s possible the moisture feeding it is coming from a slab leak.


Abnormally high water use – The dial on your water meter is constantly spinning, indicating you’re using water even when all your taps are closed and your water-using appliances are off.


Cracks – A crack in your slab foundation or in your walls or flooring could be caused by water damage due to a slab leak.

  • Resources & Experience – Our technicians receive comprehensive training and are equipped with the latest electronic leak detection instruments for precise services and repairs.
  • Licensed Plumber – We house a licensed plumber, qualified to handle all plumbing services and repairs.
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  • Respectful Professionals – Our team of professionals value our customer’s time and property. That is why we’re always prompt and leave clean work areas.
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