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Water heaters are used for providing hot water from showering, cleaning your dishes, to cleaning your clothes. 

A traditional tank water heater stores water, then uses its insulated tank to heat the water at time of use.

This water heater is a high efficiency water heater. This means it uses approximately 50% less energy than standard water filters.

Depending on the  water heater unit features, the average installation cost varies between $1300 to $2300.

If you’re looking to save money, this is the heater for you!

Benefits of using a Traditional Tank Water Heaters

  • Installation & venting cost is low
  • Simple to maintain or replace when necessary
  • Gas powered capability allows you to use water heater even during a power outage

Cost of Installation

Average Total for installing a tankless water heater is $1750

This estimate includes:

  • Old unit removal
  • Traditional tank (basic model)
  • Unit installation materials
  • Water heater permits
  • Licensed installation plumber

You can trust our NexLvl technicians to recommend affordable ways to add all of your water heater features, to the best of their ability.

Do extra water heater features change the cost of your install?

There’s some personalization you can do with your water heater unit and the features you want to include. 

Based on those features, the price of your installation will increase.

A few features include:

  1. Change in fuel source
  2. Switching the type of water heater (may include extra labor due to size etc.)
  3. Permit costs, certificates and warranty durations
  4. Keeping your plumbing up to code
  5. And more, depending on other premium features

Average Water Tank Installation Costs

Source: Home Depot

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